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KBR UK: Backing Britain since 1933

Global Citizen and Neighbor

From sustaining heat, light, fuel and water in households, to supporting diverse military needs, KBR touches many elements of British life.

Creating Homes for Heroes

Providing the high quality accommodation British troops deserve — from the barracks of Aldershot to the bases of Afghanistan

Fuelling Life Globally

KBR UK plays an integral part in five of the world’s seven largest energy projects

Behind the Blue Line

We support police behind the scenes, allowing officers to focus on the frontline

Welcome to KBR UK

KBR designs and delivers solutions to the most complex challenges facing the public and private sectors.

From making British soldiers’ lives better by providing them with the modern accommodation they deserve, to managing the world’s largest energy programmes, and supporting Britain’s biggest police force as it transforms its vast estate; we create, transform and sustain assets and organisations.

KBR operates across diverse sectors globally and our focus in the UK is on defence, policing and home affairs, and energy.

We are respected as world leaders in these core capabilities: programme and project management, engineering, procurement and construction, logistics, services and training.

Our first London office opened in 1933 and today, the UK is home to KBR’s largest operations centre worldwide. Our 2,500-strong team, based in Leatherhead and Greenford, makes KBR one of the biggest employers in the UK within the industries we serve.

Why KBR?

Our firsts prove that when clients face a unique challenge, they come to KBR UK to design and deliver a groundbreaking solution.

Behind the flagship projects for the best known energy giants is our expertise in engineering, procurement, construction and management. Behind the frontline troops in Afghanistan and the thin blue line in Britain, KBR ensures soldiers and police officers can focus on what they do best.

Our featured projects showcase our diversity and how our vast experience and core skills can be applied across different markets in the public and private sector. The leadership of complex, global energy programmes — five of the seven largest projects in the world currently, worth a combined £175bn — provides experiences directly relevant to the UK defence environment. Equally, we believe the transformation of the way the British Army has operated on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan — allowing those in uniform to get on with their job, while we support their logistical needs behind the scenes — translates directly to police forces wanting to be more effective and efficient.

From helping to give British households heat, light, fuel, gas and water, to providing a home from home for our Armed Forces in the UK and abroad, maintaining transport networks, and delivering a vast range of services, KBR has touched many elements of British life over the past nine decades.

We continue to build on our experience, and think differently for the future.